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Security Operations To Safeguard Your Business

Managed Detection & Response 
Eureka’s partner ecosystem backed by its in-house expertise brings in advanced capabilities in Managed Detection & Response;  an all-in-one security solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you an evolved cyber security solution. Managed Detection & Response (MDR) provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. With digital threats constantly evolving, it is now more
important than ever to have multiple levels of protection.

Security Information and Event Management
Security Information and Event Management tools will help you gather logs from hardware, network infrastructure, and system software with the aim of spotting threats and detecting breaches. The logs obtained from SIEM systems can be very helpful in incident response and digital forensics. The system can be used to analyze real-time data to identify ongoing data breaches and cyber attacks. As a small or medium-sized business, you might not have the capabilities to analyze the large influx of data into your business. A SIEM system can help you detect threats and boost your cyber security strategy by improving threat detection and giving you a better picture of where your business stands in terms of cyber security. Eureka can help you to design, implement and analyse SIEM solutions to combat the growing cyber threat.

Network Monitoring
Eureka’s Network Monitoring service tracks servers to identify problems and offer solutions before they impact your network. Eureka team can analyse the network infrastructure and figure out key points to monitor using suitable tools for the environment and business criticality of the organization. This service will help you to identify network availability and critical alerts that may impact your uptime.

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