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Secure Your Endpoints To Counter Cyber crime

In order to safeguard your information, you will need to fortify your endpoint security and improve the way your endpoint users are managed. Managing and monitoring all your endpoint devices requires the right technology and a team of experienced specialists. We help you introduce an integrated end-user management system into your business, helping you increase security and accessibility, while efficiently managing all of your endpoints.

Reduce Business Risk 
Do your employees have access to confidential business information? Have you taken the right steps to make sure that your endpoint devices are secure? If you’re a small or medium-sized business then you probably do not have a dedicated team to monitor and manage endpoint security. We give you access to your very own infrastructure team to make sure that your business is not impacted by endpoint threats.

Why is Endpoint Management Important? 
With the growing number of devices that people are accustomed to using, the risk of cyber attacks on your business has increased exponentially. Endpoint security and end-user device management aim to secure every endpoint that is connecting to your network while reducing any potential risks at these entry points. By monitoring all your end-user devices you can set requirements for each device to adhere to for it to be granted access to your network. This helps you monitor all activity on your network while blocking malicious threats from entering your systems and networks.

Key Services
Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection
By analyzing your systems, devices, and networks, we are able to detect threats before they become an issue to your business. This helps you accelerate response to threats and highlights users that exploit security gaps. By using advanced endpoint threat detection you are able to find and neutralize threats that would have otherwise remained hidden.

End User Device Life cycle Management
Ensure that all your end-user devices are monitored stringently with our end user device life cycle management solution that ensures all your devices are monitored from its early stages up to decommissioning. This will help in identifying devices that need to be removed in order to ensure that your IT infrastructure is not compromised.

As the most basic defense against cyber threats, antiviruses are usually installed directly on your end-user devices and help in removing malicious applications that have been discovered before. One drawback in antivirus software is that they are unable to protect your devices from network vulnerabilities so in order for you to get complete endpoint security you will need to implement antivirus solutions with other end-user solutions.

URL Filtering
Prevent your users from accessing websites that could harm your network or put your confidential information at risk.

Application and Network Access Control
Control how your users access your applications and network. Select the various parts of your network that can be accessed and how it can be accessed by different user profiles.

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