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Discover Your Weakness Before An Attacker Does

Discover Your Weakness Before An Attacker Does 
A vulnerability assessment does a complete sweep of your current cyber environment, giving you in-depth analytics and details of your strengths and weaknesses. Comprehensive testing will help you identify weaknesses in the network and system architecture, along with potential cyber threats. Using the results, you can simulate cyber attacks on vulnerable areas to determine how those areas can be exploited.

Penetration Tests 
Penetration testing helps businesses identify all of their vulnerable access points, giving them an insight into the areas that can be under threat from external and internal attacks. By simulating real-world attacks using penetration testing tools, we are able to test your systems, devices, networks and people for areas which can be exploited or attacked. Penetration testing helps your business understand its cyber environment, gives you an idea of exactly how your systems can be compromised, and equips you with the knowledge of how to detect attacks and effectively neutralize threats.

Website Security Assessment
Your company website is a key component in your brand strategy and must have stringent security protocols to ensure that all website data is secure. There are many components of a website that a hacker can use to gain access to your confidential information, networks, and connected devices. A website security assessment gives you a comprehensive report of your current website security, allowing you to take immediate action to mitigate risks to your website.

Server Security Assessment
A server security assessment will highlight areas of vulnerability across all cloud platforms and servers, along with current security controls that are in place to prevent malicious attacks and data loss. The server security assessment gives you an idea of what security measures you will have to implement to mitigate security threats.

Social Engineering Testing
Your employees are your biggest asset, however, they are also a major weak point in your cyber security strategy. By using a series of social engineering tactics, we will identify potential vulnerabilities that a hacker could use to exploit your employees and gain access to your information. After this assessment you will be able to use the findings to strengthen your current security protocols and improve employee training programs.

Hunt Team Assessment
By using a combination of human and machine intelligence, a hunt team assessment primarily aims at discovering cyber security threats that are targeted towards organizations. These assessments are carried out on normal web as well as on dark and deep webs that may not be visible without using special tools and techniques. Hunt team assessment can help organizations detect threats that can be hard to detect using traditional techniques. This service also helps organizations to take proactive measures before a cyber attack.

Brand Abuse Monitoring
Brand abuse varies from trademark infringement, intellectual property theft, and corporate identity theft, and it can seriously impact your business and reputation. Online brand abuse can range from brand jacking, cyber squatting, phishing, piracy, typo squatting, and SEO and marketing abuse. All these activities can cause you to lose revenue, customer satisfaction, and website traffic. By monitoring your brand closely you will be able to prevent fraudulent activities from affecting your business.

Cyber Maturity Assessment
Are you able to tackle modern cyber security threats? Do you understand which areas of your IT infrastructure are vulnerable? Do your employees positively contribute to your cyber security? Do you meet information management regulations? These are just some of the questions that we will answer during a Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA). We combine international information security standards with best practices in cyber security and risk management to give you a detailed assessment of your business.

Information Security audit
An Information Security audit is designed to evaluate the level of compliance against any security policy framework. This can be your internal policies or international security standards such as ISO 27001. It will help you identify loopholes in your current security practices while highlighting areas of strengths. After the assessment, we will provide you with a variety of recommendations that will help you align your business with the best practices in the Information Security industry. This assessment will help you refine the way you allocate resources to mitigate security risks.

Risk Assessment
Having an understanding of your current cyber environment is essential if you are keen on business continuity. Today, businesses are faced with a growing list of potential cyber crimes and it is important to stay ahead of these trends to avoid data breaches and property loss. Find out where you stand in terms of cyber risk and ensure that your management, employees, and stakeholders are contributing to your risk mitigation strategy.

How Will Your Business Benefit From A Cyber security Assessment?
A cyber security assessment helps you figure out the risk associated with a cyber threat that results in your information getting leaked, stolen or damaged. The assessment will help you define the areas which are prone to attack, giving you a clear picture of the areas that need to be fortified to avoid brand abuse. An expert cyber security assessment will go beyond your technology and networks, it will also give you an idea of how your employees fit into your overall cyber security strategy. This will help you avoid common mistakes in the cyber environment, helping you secure your information and increase business productivity.

An in-depth cyber security analysis will help you answer the following questions:

• What is your current cyber security score?
• How effective is your security?
• Have you been breached before?
• Are any of your assets compromised?
• Where did the cyber attack originate from and what information was affected?
• What are the security risks associated with an event such as a merger?
• What programs and procedures can you implement to prevent future attacks?

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