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Onsite & Remote Tech Support for Growing Businesses

Effective tech support is crucial to improving the productivity of your business. Eureka offers onsite technical support, saving you the trouble of hiring and retaining a capable IT executive.

Dedicated Onsite Support 
A member of our Onsite Support team will be working on your premises at all times, helping you to efficiently resolve IT issues. Should a problem require greater expertise, clear procedures will be put in place to elevate the issue and give you access to Eureka’s most senior technical staff.

24/7 Call Center 
Today, many businesses have staff working at all times of the day from many different locations. With 24/7 tech support from Eureka, users can call from anywhere, at any time, and get immediate access to highly qualified IT professionals. Problems are then resolved quickly and accurately allowing you to continue with operations.

Remote Tech Support
Eureka’s Remote Tech Support offers comprehensive help for desktops and laptops. Our team will help you monitor hardware and software, including operating systems and productivity tools. We help you keep track of life cycle management while completely managing configuration, procurement and licensing of hardware and software. Our team will ensure that the best security standards are implemented while providing support for patches and updates for antivirus and security software.

Centralized Service Desk
Centralized Service Desk is a strategic and cross-organizational service offered by Eureka. Centralized Service Desk solution provides support services from a single central location and is the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) between the service provider and the end-user. The primary task of the Centralized Service Desk is to efficiently and effectively manage incidents and service requests of end-users by providing technical support via a remote support tool. 

It is also used to strengthen security and optimize performance across the organization by identifying opportunities to optimize IT processes.

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