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Understand Your Cyber Environment with Modern IT Assessments

Your cyber security strategy is crucial to business continuity and ensuring that you understand your cyber environment. This will help you take advantage of your strengths while managing vulnerable areas to mitigate risks. We have a number of different assessments that will help you understand your IT infrastructure in terms of risk and opportunity.

IT audit
Find out if your business is compliant with IT rules and regulations. An IT audit will help you understand where your business stands in terms of corporate governance, IT risk management and internal IT controls.

We help you by:
• Evaluating IT controls and infrastructure
• Network and Data Center design
• Helping you draft an IT policy
• Assist you with IT vendor selection
• Provide recommendations to help you mitigate risks associated with your information   infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Assessment
Today, many businesses have staff working at all times of the day from many different locations. With 24/7 tech support from Eureka, users can call from anywhere, at any time, and get immediate access to highly qualified IT professionals. Problems are then resolved quickly and accurately allowing you to continue with operations.Is your company capable of handling disasters that impact your IT environment? Are you prepared for different types of threats? Can your company bounce back from a serious failure of your IT infrastructure? Do you have policies and guidelines to maintain a Disaster Recovery Plan? A Disaster Recovery Assessment will help you understand your current cyber environment and will help prepare your organization to withstand likely threats.

Conducting a review of your Disaster Plan is crucial to ensuring that your business is not impacted from disaster scenarios. Plans need to be periodically evaluated and constantly tested to protect your information and safeguard your business.

IT Services Management
Your IT services need to be aligned with business strategy and corporate governance. Misaligned IT departments can lead to a disruption in business and loss of revenue. Frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT can help organizations to design and implement their IT department to deliver the optimum value of IT services that support the business.

Eureka can transform your IT department so that it strategically improves your business and helps you gain a competitive advantage.

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