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Stax Global Strategy Consulting Firm
Stax Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka office of Stax Inc, a 20 year old global strategy consulting firm. Stax provides clients with fact-based analyses and insights to help executives and their teams make critical business decisions. The Colombo office also provides “brain-power” support to the US offices.
Problem statement
Stax Sri Lanka needed an expert IT support partner to help them transform their IT systems while replacing and managing their inefficient IT infrastructure and outdated connectivity solutions. The obsolete systems in Stax Sri Lanka, coupled with slow and unreliable internet connections, were hindering their capabilities of delivering a premium service to their clients. Matters were made worse by the fact that they were experiencing serious issues with their IT support.
How the issue was impacting the client
Stax’s Colombo office supports the US operations with research, data analytics, data visualization and statistical support. They also provide a wide range of consultancy services. Because of the inefficient systems in place, Stax found it hard to effectively leverage their IT department to deliver customer centric results. This resulted in time and money being spent to solve IT related issues that consistently hindered the completion of their projects.
What services were procured
The Eureka team implemented 6 core improvements and enhancements:
  • Upgraded all the workstations and servers
  • Implemented a new Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)
  • Implemented a bandwidth aggregation device to provide fail over as well balancing the WAN links
  • Enhanced third party coordination with system providers
  • Developed a comprehensive IT Infrastructure policy including a user policy for Stax staff as well as 24/7 matrix support
  • Optimized reporting on incidents, service requests, up time and bandwidth usage
The Matrix support includes the following:
  • Proactive Incident Management
  • Monitoring PC/ Server Performance
  • Mandatory PC/ Server Heartbeat Check
  • Incident Ticket analysis
  • Availability and continuity
  • Communication devices
  • Backup PC/ Server
  • Security
  • Virus guard
  • Firewall
  • Network security
  • Improved response time
“We went to the market looking for an IT partner that would add value and not just be a provider of tools. Eureka has delivered that value”

Ruwindhu Peiris,
Managing Director, Stax
How this helped
As the newly appointed IT support partner, the challenge for Eureka was to establish an IT infrastructure and connectivity solution that could provide reliability, scalability and security. The systems and processes that our team set in place helped Stax drastically improve the productivity of their IT processes.

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