Case Studies
IT Security Audit
Problem statement
A leading garment exporter in Sri Lanka was impacted by a continuous stream of cyber attacks. The organization wanted expert insights into the cyber attacks and required a team to help them prevent
future attacks.
How the issue was impacting the client
The client was facing many issues with business critical elements of their organization. Loss of confidential information was catastrophically impacting their supply chain and ruining the reputation of their brand.
What services were procured
The team in Eureka provided a range of cyber security assessments to the client. By conducting a thorough IT Audit along with a vulnerability assessment, our team was able to analyze the current situation and provide solutions to help prevent cyber attacks and mitigate common cyber risks.
How this helped
As the newly appointed IT support partner, the challenge for Eureka was to establish an IT infrastructure and connectivity solution that could provide reliability, scalability and security. The systems and processes that our team set in place helped improve cyber security while ensuring business continuity.

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