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FJ&G de Saram
FJ & G de Saram (FJ&G) is the oldest law firm in Sri Lanka. FJ&G has been at the forefront of law in Sri Lanka since its establishment in 1841 and plays a major role in the development of law of Sri Lanka. FJ & G de Saram is also a member of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms.
Problem statement
In 2008 FJ&G was preparing to embark on an exciting period of digitalisation and embracing IT infrastructure and management as a core aspect of business productivity. However, they faced a few issues with their current IT systems and it was evident that they needed a team of experts to help them set up and manage an efficient IT infrastructure solution.
How the issue was impacting the client
FJ&G was finding it hard to keep up with industry standards when it came to IT infrastructure management. Due to the nature of their business they found it hard to hire an expert that would analyze, improve and manage their IT environment. That’s where we stepped in.
What services were procured
The Eureka team implemented several core improvements and enhancements
over the years:
  • Eureka offered desktop & laptop maintenance and support, covering a range of services including proactive maintenance, release and patch management, OS related support, license tracking & reporting, and desktop optimization.
  • On-site technical services
  • Implemented a bandwidth aggregation device to provide failover as well balancing
    the WAN links
  • Enhanced third party coordination with system providers
  • Centralized File Server (Shared storage of files that is accessed by the workstations that are attached to the same computer network ensuring security measures).
  • Optimized reporting on incidents, service requests, uptime and bandwidth usage
  • Server Virtualization
The Matrix support includes the following:
  • Proactive Incident Management
  • Monitoring PC/ Server Performance
  • Mandatory PC/ Server Heartbeat Check
  • Incident Ticket analysis
  • Availability and continuity
  • Internet
  • Communication devices
  • Backup PC/ Server
  • Security
  • Virus guard
  • Firewall
  • Network security
  • Improved response time
“We have been extremely pleased with the quality of service received from Eureka Technology Partners.”

Shehara Varia,
Partner, FJ&G de Saram
How this helped
FJ&G was able to implement stringent IT management protocols, enabling them to reduce overhead costs
associated with fixing IT problems.

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