Eureka MSP
Eureka Technology Partners works exclusively with MSP's, IT service companies and broadband providers such as UST-Global, JMARK, Starlogix, Vizada, and others to substantially reduce the complexity and management costs of their infrastructure while enhancing their client relationships. We compliment our partners service offerings to both SMB's and Fortune 500 clients by enabling partners to scale based on project needs and around the clock coverage requirements while reducing cost by 30% - 40%. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with ISO 20000 certification, we enable these companies and others to immediately respond to rapidly changing business demands by leveraging Eureka's solutions to:

  • Expand service delivery teams rapidly while reducing infrastructure management costs by 35%

  • Enable after hour or 24x7 IT support, help desk, maintenance and project delivery

  • Increase data availability and resolution assurance time to enhance client satisfaction

  • Evaluate processes against ITIL/ISO 20000 best practices and bridge any gaps

  • Standardize global IT service delivery to minimize risk and improve performance

Significant Experience

Eureka manages over 70 customers, located in over 5 countries, delivering a comprehensive list of services such as Information Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Network Management and Monitoring, Help Desk Support, and Data Backup and Recovery Management. Currently, Eureka's team is responsible for over 1000 desktops, 150 servers, 60 network switch nodes, 60 data links from 5 carriers, 50 web applications, cloud services and over 250 security applications, both locally and globally.


Top 100 global IT company by 2018.


Deliver world class IT infrastructure Management services at affordable prices to companies with 50 to 10,000 employees around the world.

Our Values

Delivering exceptional value to clients
We will ensure that our clients receive the most optimum solution in line with their needs. We will not oversell a solution for profit and we will not undersell (give a lesser solution that doesn't meet their needs) to win business because we are cheaper.

Opportunity based on merit
No employee will receive a raise or promotion based on years of service, age, family background, religion, race, cast , colour, etc. All opportunities will be based on performance - a combination of meeting targets, knowledge and skills, teamwork and ability to learn and implement new ideas.

Encouraging individual initiative
We value individuals who initiate activities towards the progress of the company without having to be always pushed by management. This may be a sales executive who comes up with a new way of presenting to clients based on his readings and experience. It may be an engineer who learns a new skill that helps the company market a new service. A Customer Support Executive who comes up with a new strategy to improve retention.

Valuing Leadership skills
Any employee has the opportunity to be a leader at Eureka. An individual with leadership qualities define results and problems from a corporate perspective. They take the initiative to deliver results and solutions by supporting and encouraging subordinates, peers and senior management, irrespective of the division, to overcome obstacles. However, they also take on the additional responsibility of holding all subordinates, peers and senior management, irrespective of the division, accountable for delivering results and solutions.
Eureka's Competitive Advantage

The following combination makes Eureka's Information Security services offering unique:

Real World Experience: Each of Eureka's security consultants split their time 50 / 50 between actually managing enterprise class IT infrastructure and consulting work.

Globally recognized security certifications: The Security Consultants and Auditors are certified as CISM, CISSP, CISA, CPT, CEH, etc.

World Class Standards: Eureka's team works in an ISO 20000 environment utilizing the ITIL system of best practices.

Value for Fees

Knowing that you want the most for your money, we believe that our offering represents a good value proposition to your organization

Qualified Team

Eureka has a team of 90 with world class qualifications (CISSP, CISM, RHCE, MCSE, CISA, CCNP, LPT, ISO 27000 Lead Auditor etc) that help clients reach their optimal security posture and comply with regulations irrespective of the industry in which they operate. This team delivers a comprehensive list of services such as Information Security Services, Network Management & Monitoring, Help Desk Services and Backup & Disaster Recovery.